Spring Snow Goose - Fully Guided Hunts - 855-473-2875

Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Spring Snow Goose Hunt 

 full day hunt (30 mins. before sunrise)

fully guided field hunt

  • $175.00 per hunter / per day.

These spring snow goose hunts are fully guided. Locations may include cornfields, pit blind hunt, flooded field or pond and may include the following equipment and decoys.

  • full body decoys, 500 sillosocks, over 30 flyers
  • 1500 Sillosocks, up 50 flyers – to go spread (go where the snow goose are at)
  • 750 shells decoys (Avery 5/8s, full size, and motion shells) 300 – 500 sillo socks
  • over 15 location that we can hunt in the Mound City / Squaw Creek NWR area

Exclusive Fields Avaiable – Additonal Charge